Our little story…

ekip was founded in 2010 during the economic crisis. As an architecture and engineering firm, our aim is to provide a comprehensive service. We mainly focused our efforts on two defined sectors: on one hand, the world of events and temporary architecture; the construction and building sector and business activities on the other.

The company grew meeting the demand of a customized and quality service, tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Our real commitment with each project, such as our up-to-date operating philosophy based on teaming in a comfortable and motivating environment, strengthened our company project and made it bloom during these years.

We are glad our clients trusted our work during this decade by recommending our services sincerely and benevolently. They all have been both the reason and the target of our projects and we are determined to keep on growing and enriching us.

Nowadays ekip represents a multidisciplinary group made up of Civil Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Technical Engineers and Architects. Our team is well prepared with the aim to deal with any kind of projects. Ekip group, the joint of our flairs and our network of collaborators boosted us during the years.

This year, 2020, we are celebrating our first decade renewing our web site and facilities. As always, we wait for you to get in touch with enthusiasm and fancying to make the most of your projects. Thank you for these first 10 years and those that will come.

March 2020

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